Alternatives To Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Is Not for Everyone

We want you to make the right decision. Not everyone should file bankruptcy. There may be other avenues for you to get out of debt.  Some of those alternatives include:

  • Debt Settlement;
  • Debt Management;
  • Taking a fresh approach to your income opportunities.

If you would like one-on-one advice, talk to DANIEL R. ROBISON, P.C. today.

Other Debt-Relief Options – Before you decide to file bankruptcy, consider these alternatives:

Debt Settlement – This option helps debtors with a few manageable debts.  You should do so when you initially have a difficult time covering costs.  The longer you wait, the less likely this option will be.  Avoid the 1-800 online firms.  I cannot tell how many clients have come to me after they have surrendered large sums of money to online organizations.  There is never a time where you should leave St. George or Southern Utah to get help.  There may also be tax consequences to Debt Settlement.

Debt Management – This option has some similarities to debt settlement.  In this option, you may find that there are avenues where our office may be able to help you negotiate lower interest rates, take advantage of federal or state programs on collateralized loans such as mortgages and auto loans.  We are uniquely qualified to help individuals and small businesses in St. George and Southern Utah in this area.

Taking a fresh approach to your income opportunities – Sometimes all you need is having a professional take a look at your situation.  We may have an added perspective to your current situation that you have not thought of.  Keep in mind that with the law firm of Daniel R. Robison, P.C., you are getting an attorney who has his Masters in Business Administration.  This is unique in the Southern Utah bankruptcy arena.  Mr. Robison has worked in banking, business financing, and with federal and international government organizations in solving complex situations.  You can take that to the bank

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