Mr. Robison has experience as an International Consultant.  He has over 20 years in the Practice of Law. He has three years foreign residency, together with multiple trips to areas as diverse as China, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Jordan, and Egypt. He has lived and worked in Hong Kong & Nanjing, China; Jerusalem; and Washington, D.C..  In addition, he has additional business experience in Indonesia, Korea and in negotiations with high-level delegation from the Republic of Georgia. With a Master’s of Business Administration, Daniel has been able to pair his business experience and legal experience in providing valuable skill for your business, including:

  • Problem Solving
  • Project Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Cantonese & Mandarin Chinese
  • Accounting / Business Analysis
  • Multi-Level Collaboration
  • Adjudication of Conflicts
  • Business Restructuring
  • Conference Planning
  • Investment Products
  • Cost Management
  • Negotiations

Asian culture has been a way of life for Daniel. Let’s face it. Each society is Culture-Centric. Chinese and Americans each respect and suspect each other.  If you are looking to move your product to China, or to source some of your manufacturing there, please contact us.  You want someone who has an understanding of Chinese Society and 关系 (關係or Guan Xi). This is not a translation service—this is a relationship service. Please contact us.

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