Estate Planning

The legal world seems to be ever-changing and evolving, and as a citizen it can be very difficult to keep up with new laws and regulations. At Robison Law, we understand our role in helping the residents in St. George, Utah and the surrounding area learn what options they have when it comes to wills and estates.

Estate planning is the process of passing your heritage onto others. Whether through hard work, inheritance or a combination of lifetime events, you have something to bequeath. This includes values you hold dearly, legacy, and of course financial assets. By failing to properly plan for these events, you stand to lose your accumulated assets to the Internal Revenue Service or the Utah State Tax Commission.

Unfortunately, our government goes through cycles of fiscal irregularity, and policies are adopted which affect me and you. Estate Planning is good for everyone, whether young or old, healthy or in challenging physical condition. Life is a Gift which we all seek to magnify. The Law Firm of Daniel R. Robison, P.C., can help you walk through the process of determining what works best for you and your family. Small Business owner? No problem. We have helped dozens of small business owners restructure their holdings and bringing them peace of mind for the future.

Come to our office for a free initial consultation. We can craft documents for the sense of stability you seek, including:

  • Wills and Testamentary Trusts
  • Revocable and Irrevocalbe Trusts
  • Insurance advice and Life Insurance Trusts
  • Springing and Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Directives

Whether you are new to the concept of succession planning, wills, trusts and health care concerns, or have done your homework on the issue, you probably still have questions. Come in and visit with Daniel R. Robison, P.C. and take advantage of this free offer of an Initial Consultation to become acquainted with our services.

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