St. George Bankruptcy Attorney

St. George Bankruptcy Attorney

Your Local Solution for Asset protection and Financial Stress Relief

There is always a solution.  Life is not to be feared, it is to be embraced.  If you find that you are swimming in a Sea of Debt, there is always a way out. We have helped several thousand clients in Southern Utah find solutions to this problem.  Our team of St George Bankruptcy professionals will help you navigate the waters of uncertainty and direct you to a solution.

Bankruptcy was designed to help individuals obtain a Fresh Start here in Southern Utah. Right now we are dealing with a complex economy which has caught many people off guard. Believe it or not, this is also a time of opportunity. We will not only help you resolve your issues, but we will help you identify opportunities for the future.

Advantages of Using an Experienced (20 Years) Local St George Bankruptcy Attorney. Daniel R. Robison is Southern Utah’s experienced LOCAL ST GEORGE BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY. His office has filed thousands of bankruptcies in St George Utah and does not dabble in it part time like many attorneys who are jumping into the Bankruptcy field with no experience. Daniel R. Robison was filing bankruptcies  for individuals and companies when the economy was going strong the 2007-08 bubble and the subsequent bust, and has resided in southern Utah continually  since 1999.  Mr. Robison, furthermore, stayed in the practice when many practitioners jumped out with the complex new laws in 2005. By choosing this St. George Bankruptcy firm, you won’t be meeting with paralegals or talking on forwarded calls to Salt Lake City. You will receive fast courteous service right here in Southern Utah. Chances are that if you drop by our St George Bankruptcy office, the attorney will be in.

Asset Protection is our Goal. Mr. Robison limits his practice to Bankruptcy, Business Structuring, and Estate Planning. He also holds a MASTERS DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. That means that whether you are an individual in consumer debt or a business, he has asset protection in mind. Mr. Robison has worked in banking, he has worked in the State and Federal Court system, and he has taught business principles and finance at colleges throughout Utah. He will give you the tools you need to move on.

Consumer Debt, Foreclosure, Repossession, Garnishment, and Tax Relief. We have an abundance of bankruptcy information you can use in making an informed decision, with new breaking news on bankruptcy issues added on a regular basis.

Pay Per Click Bankruptcy Attorneys.  There are attorneys and even non-attorneys who have deceptive advertising practices.  We don’t advertise price, since we believe such advertising is unethical. The attorneys doing such advertising are often new to the field of bankruptcy and engage in “Bait and Switch” advertising. I have had several clients come from these offices where they were surprised to find that the bill actually would have been several thousand dollars–not the lower prices advertised.  We have all hear the saying, “you get what you pay for.” Our bankruptcy attorney St George office prides itself in offering low cost bankruptcies with over 20 years of St George Bankruptcy experience.


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